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Ayurveda is a holistic medicine that originated ever since mankind was in existence.  This is the original and ancient medicinal practice.  It can be easily dated to over 10,000 years back.  The literal translation of Ayurveda in Sanskrit means science of Life


Ayu + Veda= Ayurveda

Ayu means Life

Veda is a science or knowledge


So, Ayurveda is much more than a medical science. It’s a way of living. Ayurveda originated in India along with Yoga, so it’s often referred to a sister science of Yoga.


The beauty of this modality is that it can still be practiced today no matter where you live. You don’t have to be in India to follow these principles. You can adopt an Ayurvedic lifestyle even if you are in Japan, New Zealand, USA.  And no, you don’t need to eat Indian food for this. By the way, Indian food is not all Ayurvedic food. You can cook any cuisine with the Ayurvedic principles Even though Ayurveda is so ancient, science is still relevant in today’s world and we can easily adapt its principles. 


Ayurveda and Yoga when practiced together, make a beautiful lifestyle. While Ayurveda is for a healthy body, Yoga is for a healthy mind and spirit.  I have personally seen a tremendous change in my own self after adopting an Ayurvedic lifestyle and I’d love to share my knowledge and personal experience with you. 


Ayurveda can be used in two ways

One: To maintain one’s health. Preventive healthcare has a huge emphasis in Ayurveda

Two: To heal one from a disease. Unlike Western medicine, Ayurveda looks at the root case rather than a  symptomatic treatment.

What is Ayurveda?

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