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Yoga needs no introduction. It is not  just physical workout but teaches how to align body and mind to heal from within - "Yoga is way of life".  Yoga can be integrated into your daily life regardless of your age and life style.  At Arogyaveda, individual and group sessions are offered for all age groups including toddlers, kids, teens, expecting mothers, families, professionals, athletes and seniors.  In addition to regular practice, sessions can be tailored to fit your personal or medical needs.  For a limited time, experience the benefit of yoga with a free yoga class in Ann Arbor.  Book your free yoga session at our Ann Arbor location here.

At Arogyaveda in Ann Arbor, the focus is on Hatha Yoga, a pristine form of yoga that incorporates Yogasanas and Pranayama (breathing or meditation).  Pranayama strengthens your mind and body by conditioning your breath while combining the mindfulness benefit of Yoga.  Furthermore, the multi disciplinary approach for well being also includes Ayurveda and incorporates dietary recommendations tailored for your body type and constitution.  Learn more about our approach to Ayurveda here.


Are you ready to discover your strength both on and off the yoga mat and to relive a purposeful life that aligns with your body, mind, and soul?  Please come talk to our certified yoga instructors to share your thoughts. 

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