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Pickled Amla

Updated: Apr 6, 2020

Amla is the Indian gooseberry also called an ‘elixir of life’

Amla is 🍈 Rich in antioxidants 🍈Packed with Vitamin C 🍈Anti-aging 🍈Immunity booster 🍈Reduces acidity 🍈Promotes healthy hair 🍈Improves eye sight 🍈Rejuvenates liver 🍈Improves metabolism 🍈Promotes oral health 🍈anti bacterial, antiviral, and anti fungal 🍈May prevent growth of cancer Amla can be added to your dal( lentil soups), chutneys, or pickles Here is a simple to make pickled Amla Take fresh gooseberry ( about 12 of them) and cook them well in a tablespoon of oil ( preferably sesame oil or mustard oil ) along with some turmeric and salt. There is no measure for these depends on the color and taste you like. If you live outside of India, you can get these berries in frozen form at a local Indian store. Thaw them first, wash them, and squeeze out excess water. In a separate pan roast the following 1/4🥄of mustard seeds 1/2🥄of methi seeds One🥄 of cayenne pepper 1/2🥄 of Himalayan pink salt 1/4🥄 of fennel seeds 1/2 🥄of hingawashtak choornam Make a fine powder of these and Toss the cooked Amla in this blend. Store them in an airtight container and eat one a day with your lunch❤️

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