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What to expect during Ayurvedic consultation

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

If it’s your first time seeing an Ayurvedic practitioner, expect about 1 hour to 1:15 hours of consultation time. You will be allowed to share all your history. The practitioner will have a long questionnaire, maybe a dosha quiz and a detailed history. There are several barometers that an Ayurvedic practitioner can use for the diagnosis

1. Dosha assessment - to confirm your constitution (called as Prakruthi and Vikruthi).

2. Pulse diagnosis - Check your pulse to assess your current state of body and mind.

3. Talk about your urine or stool.

4. Tongue analysis.

5. Examine your nails.

6. Questions to assess the level of your digestion (called Agni).

7. Lot of questions related to your diet and lifestyle habits.

8. More questions related to your relationships, sleep habits, emotional health

9. A lifestyle plan will be provided with a list of foods to favor, avoid. You may also be given herbs with your treatment plan.

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