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Think before you reach out for that ice cream on a hot summer day

Listen to your cravings! Not all cravings are good, if you are craving an icy cold beverage or an ice cream after exposure to the sun or experiencing heat, that's a perverted craving. Watch to learn why.It slows down the rehydration and can impair your digestive fire ( Agni) and dissipate heat to the periphery causing skin disorders. There is a fine line between cold foods and cooling foods. Cooling beverages like coconut water or water infused with cooling herbs like fennel, camphor, Vetiver roots, or even aloe vera juice can keep you hydrated without distorting that Agni. Save that ice cream for a milder portion of the day. Now ice beverages or ice cream may make you feel instantly cooler, but learn that they are going to play nasty tricks in the background and make you hotter after a while and even cause skin disorders. This is what our beautiful Ayurvedic scriptures say. So hold off on that urge to reach out to the cold foods and choose cooling herbs Instead. Also remember to sit down before you hydrate yourself and calmly sip on the beverage. Keeping it Slow and steady is the key!

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