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Unplug to recharge!!

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

We are in a constant state of rushing from one thing to another. It gets worse when you get to work – the place where you spend 8+ hours a day and need to jump from one meeting to another, compulsively checking your inbox and IM and never ending todo lists. Haven’t we all been there? It can be a lot and by the end of the day leaving you scatterbrained, your eyebrows are stiff, your forehead is scrunched, stained eyes, and your lower back is sore from the desk.

What if I told you that this one simple practice can help you unwind every hour?

How to practice?

  • 2 minutes before the top of every hour, set a reminder on your calendar

  • Mute your computer for those couple of minutes

  • Sit up straight and end gently close your eyes

  • Breathe in softly through your nose and bring the attention to your breath

  • Try to extend your breath every cycle and continue for two minutes.

  • Repeat every hour.

How can this help me ?

A healthy mind and body directly translates to improved productivity.

A stressful corporate life with crunching deadlines, heavy workloads, and endless meetings can create mental clutter, hindering our decision-making abilities. It can also impede the ability to concentrate on the tasks at hand.

This breathing practice will train us into mindfulness and improve our focus and ability.

When should I do this?

Ideally every hour. Otherwise, just as often as your can between meetings)

Mindful breathing can be an effective tool for managing work-related stress and anxiety, navigating your emotions, and finding a moment of calm. Just like we recharge our phones every day, we also need to recharge ourselves every morning. Except here we unplug to charge ourselves :-) Since we may not have the comfort to carve out a big chunk of time every morning, we break this to easy to follow - 2 minutes every hour.

The other practice that is more commonly prescribed by the optometrists is 20-20-20 rule.

For every twenty minutes of your screen time,

take a break for 20 seconds and stare at an object that is 20 feet away from you.

Try these tools to reduce your screen fatigue.

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