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Happy Earth day 2020

Updated: May 10, 2021

Happy Earth day!

In Indian classical dance, we are taught to offer a quick prayer to the mother earth before and after a practice or performance Goddess of earth, the bhoodevi, who is revered to be an epitome for patience. She carries all the creatures and their creations with great compassion. She also teaches on how to be humble, stay grounded, and to remember your roots. In many eastern cultures, it's customary to touch the floor when one gets off the bed and offer their gratitude to begin their day.

2020 earth day definitely stands out by giving a breather for planet earth. Notice how quiet it has been outside, lesser air pollution, or noise pollution, the wildlife is happy to come out on the streets. The flora and fauna around us proved that they don’t need us much by showing how much we depend on them. Doesn’t it make us realize how much we have been abusing the planet? We create a lot of waste, misuse resources, do not respect or care for any other creature on the planet except for our own pets. Not just our physical karmic actions, but we are also responsible for creating emotional chaos with hatred and violence on this earth. Just like we think about how mothers and homemakers need a break, this lockdown has given the much needed imperative break to our mother earth. She is brilliant and deserves to be treated with much love , kindness and care. We are basically grounded this earth day and given time and opportunity to contemplate on how we have been treating her.

The last few days have been interesting for us with hail storms, snow storms, heavy winds, trees swaying and dancing to winds like its no ones business, wild turkeys running in our yards, deer coming to party every day on our lawn, snakes lounging on our driveways. I have also seen similar images on the news where lions and other wild animals coming on the streets of South Africa and other parts of the world.

This is what's written on

On April 22, we’re flooding the world with hope, option and action.

We don’t need to do anything huge, but by bringing simple changes in our living, like spending time in the garden, growing plants, reusing and recycling, adopting a clean lifestyle, caring for other creatures and treating everyone with love and kindness, we can all collectively make this planet a beautiful place to live.

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