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What to drink with your meal?

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

Ayurveda teaches a way of living. It emphasizes on what to consume, how to consume and when to consume

Here are three recommendations for fluids 🍎Start your day with fruit 🍶Take lassi ( yogurt drink) after your lunch 🥛End your day with a glass of milk ☕️Drinks like herbal tea and water can be consumed throughout your day. I’ll make a separate post for water

These drinks can be consumed to replace your meals. Most of the evenings, I take milk for dinner when I end up eating a heavy lunch.

Things to keep in mind

Do not eat citric fruits on an empty stomach or before bedtime. This will increase "Amlata" acidity in your system.

Do not combine milk with other foods esp fruit, aquatic meat, eggs etc

Keep your dinner light

When growing up I remember drinking milk the first thing in the morning. Most of the kids in India get milk as their breakfast, may be because it can also act as a laxative? My dad use to give us fresh cut fruit🍉 after dinner. I also ate yogurt with lunch and dinner, but not so much of lassi/ buttermilk. However, lassi is a common household drink consumed in the afternoons. After studying Ayurveda, I understand how a simple shift in these habits can make a huge difference. Now I’m more conscious with how my body feels and reacts to a certain food and can identify the subtle changes. I’ve been drinking lassi after my lunch for the last 5 years and have zero digestion issues. All thanks to Ayurveda🙏

Health is a journey and I chose Ayurveda as my vehicle🤗

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