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Winter Wellness from Ayurveda

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

Changing your diet and lifestyle can be a great way to stay in rhythm with the natural cycle of seasons. Once you understand your intrinsic nature and qualities on how they change with each season, it becomes easier for you to make a healthy lifestyle and diet choices to optimize your immune system, digestion, and energy.Most of detest the colder months of winter and we tend to get sick assuming our immunity is weakened during Winter. On the contrary, Ayurveda says that immunity and our strength is the hightest in winter. So it's important for us to sustain this through the season. Winter gives us a subtle invitation to tune in to our energies and this is the season when our Agni (metabolic fire) that contributes to your digestive strength, and physical strength is paramount. Because your digestive power is at its peak, you want to nourish it well. Here are some Wonderfully simple yet wildly effective winter wellness tips.

Eat warming foods

This one is a no-brainer! It's cold outside, so you want to balance it with warm foods, be it an herbal tea or a bowl of soup. Say no to cold or raw foods or frozen foods at this time. Fermented foods like idli (Rice dumplings), Dosa ( lentil pancakes) , khmichi ( fermented cabbage), Pickled vegetables, or even wine are suitable for winter. Consuming seafood and sea vegetables is also beneficial during winters.

Favor nourishing foods

Your digestive capacity is super high, so feed it with well nourishing foods and heavy foods. Favor root vegetables, squashes, and whole grains. Make sure to also eat enough protein like beans and meat.

Eat a fat-rich diet

Fat is required to keep you warm and keep your digestive fire going, so favor ghee, oils, eggs, and cheese. Enjoy those deep fried foods during this season. Do keep in mind that moderation is the key

Get moving and stay active

Get out and work out. Try a new yoga class or a dance fitness class. ArogyaVeda offers some great fitness classes to help with your New year resolutions ;) When you exercise, the body generates more heat and helps you stay warm, ensures good bone health. Never skip a meal in winter. Its important to feed it well instead.

Get a dose of Vitamin D

Sun exposure will keep you away from any flu-like symptoms. The best way to generate Vitamin D is to massage your body with oil and sit near a window sill or step outside.

Sesame oil is the best oil when it comes to Ayurveda. When the skin coated with sesame oil is exposed to some sun, it makes vitamin D from cholesterol. The skin, in turn, synthesizes the sunlight to Vitamin D.

Make love

That is right! Winter is the season to give love to yourself and your partner. How to love yourself? Well.... How about giving yourself a warm oil body massage or exchange a massage with your partner? or nourish your taste buds with your favorite nourishing foods. In the colder months, the immunity is also good enough to stay warm by being sexually active.

Spice up!

Besides spicing up your love life, one should consume warming spices. Warming spices kindle that Agni keeping your digestion at optimal health and keeping you warm. My favorite winter spices are ginger, black pepper, nutmeg, cumin, and Cinnamon.

Drink warm beverages

Consume only warm beverages when it is frosty outside. Warm liquids help you reach the deepest tissues and can permeate into the tiniest channels, making them easier to be absorbed. Turmeric latte or CCF tea are some good options. Checkout ArogyaVeda's instagram page for more such recipe ideas.

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